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BRIDGES is a consortium of Iowa Libraries working together to offer downloadable ebooks, audiobooks, and magazines to our patrons. The Overdrive App used to be the app primarily used to access BRIDGES downloadables. That app has been replaced by the Libby App. Libby is user-friendly and intuitive.  Find out more about Libby here.

Help from Library Staff

Schedule a time for individual BRIDGES help with a library staff member. Call us at 319-334-2470 or email the library for help.

Click here for a step-by-step tutorial for Libby! This tutorial includes information to help you get started with ebooks and audiobooks.

Why Doesn't the Library have a Certain Book? Libraries & Ebook Limitations
A library, unlike an individual, cannot purchase an eBook from Amazon or Barnes & Noble and then lend it out to patrons.

Digital content is treated differently by the publishers and companies who manage content licensing. We want to give you as many eBooks options as possible, however, many publishers' policies are preventing us from bringing you some titles we would love to offer...maybe even those of your favorite author.