Code Updates

To see recent ordinance changes that have been approved by City Council, please see below and click on the ordinance number to see a PDF version of the ordinance.  The below updates underneath a date are from Iowa Codification and are the entire Code of Ordinances.

Code changes approved by City Council - 2023

Ordinance NumberOrdinance Description
2023-573Creates Code Section 35.15 Fire Service Fees & Charges
2023-574Amends Zoning Code Article 17 Signs
2023-575Amends Chapter 138 for the 2023 Street Rehab Project
2023-576Electric Transmission Franchise

Code changes approved by City Council - 2022

Ordinance NumberOrdinance Description
2022-552Amends Chapter 55 Animal Protection & Control
2022-553Amends Code Section 1.15 Fines and Fee Schedules
2022-554Amends Code Section 3.01 Wards and Precincts
2022-555Designating property for an Urban Renewal Area
2022-556Amends Code Section 167.05 Floodplain Management Standards
2022-557Amends Code Section 17.02 Powers & Duties
2022-558Amends Code Section 63.04 Special Speed Zones
2022-559Amends Code Section 55.17 Number of Animals Limited
2022-560Creates Code Section 69.30 Emergency Parking/Loading Zones
2022-561Amends Code Section 20.05 City Attorney Attendance at Meetings
2022-562Amends Code Sections 45.01, 45.02(2), 120.03, 120.04, 120.05, 120.06, 120.07 related to Alcoholic Beverage Control
2022-563Amends Code Sections 75.04 and 75.05(9) pertaining to All-Terrain Vehicles & Snowmobiles
2022-564Deletes property from an Urban Renewal Area
2022-565Amends Code Section 52.02 Mowing of Properties
2022-566Amends Code Section 1.15 Fines and Fee Schedules
2022-567Amends Code Section 52.03 Mowing of Properties
2022-568Amends Code Section 41.14(3) Fireworks
2022-569Amends Code Section 105.12(1) City Brush Dump & County Recycling Facility
2022-570October 2022 Addition to Urban Renewal Area
2022-571Vacation & Conveyance a Portion of 5th Street NE right-of-way
2022-572Amends Code Section 69.06(4) Parking Prohibited

Code changes approved by City Council - 2021

Ordinance NumberOrdinance Description
2021-528 to 2021-549Are in the September 2021 update below
2021-550Amend ORD 254-0898, rezoning property
2021-551Amends Chapter 3, Wards and Precincts

September 2021 update