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Mobile Hotspot Checkout

Thanks to a grant provided by The Buchanan County Foundation, Buchanan County residents with an Independence Public Library card will now be able to borrow the internet like you borrow a book. Mobile hotspots provide 24/7 access to the internet with unlimited data on the U.S. Cellular network. 

A mobile hotspot is a portable device that provides internet access to any Wi-Fi enabled device within approximately 30 feet. Hotspots rely on mobile broadband service from a cellular provider to provide 4G LTE coverage. 

With the circulation of mobile hotspots, we hope to lessen the gap of the digital divide by providing our patrons with greater access to the internet away from the library. This furthers the library's mission to be an essential component, providing relevant services and engaging people community-wide. 

Checkout Basics:

  • Buchanan County resident of 18 years of age or older
  • Library card must be presented. Must be cardholder in good standing. 
  • Photo ID must be presented.
  • 7-day checkout period
  • No renewals
  • A borrowing agreement will be signed each time a hotspot is checked out.
  • Hotspots must be returned to library staff a minimum of 30 minutes before the library closes. 
  • Late fees will be assessed at $10/day until the hotspot and its components are returned. 
  • Internet access will be deactivated remotely if device becomes overdue.

Why would you need to check out a Mobile Hotspot?

  • If you have a special project and either you don't have internet at home, it isn't reliable, or you need increased bandwidth. 
  • If you are traveling and don't want to use up phone data.
  • If you use your phone as a hotspot but run out of data, the hotspots can help supplement your service. 

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