2023 Resolutions

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Resolution DateResolution NumberResolution Description
01/09/20232023-01Appoint At-Large 2 Council Member
01/09/20232023-02Award the Police Department Station Remodel Bid
01/09/20232023-03Approve a Homeowner/Agency Repair Program Project
01/09/20232023-04Approve a Homeowner/Agency Repair Program Project
01/09/20232023-05Approve Fiscal Year 2023 Budget Amendment #1
01/09/20232023-06Approve the Slips, Trips, and Falls Policy
01/09/20232023-07Approve the Seatbelt/Restraint Policy
01/09/20232023-08Annual Designation of City's Depository
01/09/20232023-09Annual Designation of City's Official Newspapers
01/09/20232023-10Annual Designation of the Mileage Reimbursement Rate
01/09/20232023-11Notice of hearing on proposed grant for a perpetual easement
01/09/20232023-12Notice of hearing on proposed plans, specs, form of contract, and estimate of cost for the 12th St NE Storm Sewer Improvement Project
01/09/20232023-13Approve Engineering Services Agreement
01/09/20232023-14Approve Engineering Services Agreement
01/09/20232023-15Approve Professional Services Contract
01/09/20232023-16Approve Professional Services Contract
01/09/20232023-17Support naming a stretch of Highway 150 the "Sergeant Jim Smith Memorial Highway"
01/25/20232023-18Approval of a Perpetual Easement