2024 Resolutions

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Resolution DateResolution NumberResolution Description
01/08/20242024-01Annual Designation of the City Depositories
01/08/20242024-02Annual Designation of the City's Official Newspaper
01/08/20242024-03Annual Designation of the Mileage Reimbursement Rate
01/08/20242024-04Library Board of Trustees Appointment
01/22/20242024-05Resolution of Necessity for the 2024 Street Rehabilitation Project
01/22/20242024-06Ratify the Plans, Specifications, Notice of hearing, Notice to Bidders, and Form of Contract for the 2024 Street Rehabilitation Project
01/22/20242024-07Employee Handbook Amendment
01/22/20242024-08Accept the work covering the Independence COVID Façade Project
01/22/20242024-09Repeal and Replace Resolution 2022-97 Approving a Development Agreement
02/12/20242024-10Approve the plans, specifications, form of contract, and cost estimate of the 2024 Street Rehabilitation Project
02/12/20242024-11Award the contract for the 2024 Street Rehabilitation Project
02/12/20242024-12Snow removal assessment
02/12/20242024-13Final plat within the 2 miles of city limits