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Request Materials about a Subject

  1. Please fill out the following form. Library-owned materials will be gathered for you and you will be contacted when they are ready. There is no guarantee that the library will have exactly what you request. Availability depends on the topic, the library collection, and how many requests we get for the same topic at the same time. For example, if the library receives 10 requests for Christmas books in December, we may not have the quantity of items to completely fill each request.
  2. What subject do you want the materials to cover?
  3. Reading Level
    What reading/content level is desired? Please select the grade level/s that best fits your needs.
  4. Format
    What format do you want?
  5. By what date do you need the materials? Please enter in this format: 08-25-13 (One week or longer prior notice appreciated)
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